Creationism in Ohio

In addition to western PA, southern Ohio is becoming  a hotbed of State/Church violations in recent months.  First, there was the Jesus portrait in the lobby of Jackson County school.  Now, it is Springboro, Ohio, described in Wikipedia as “Springboro is an affluent suburb of Cincinnati and Dayton, … ranked the 42nd best place to live in America by Money magazine” in 2011.


Yet this affluent suburb wants to bring creationism back into the classroom. The Dayton Daily News reports:

Despite a series of calls Tuesday to end the idea, the board left up for future discussion at board meetings a proposed policy change including creationism in a list of controversial issues that would be appropriate for school discussion.

“I want to allow that discussion to happen,” Board President Kelly Kohls said. “We’re going to leave it on first reading for quite a while.”

The board also was criticized for a proposed policy change that calls for inclusion of materials from groups — seen as religious by opponents – during Constitution Day activities. One of the groups, the National Center for Constitutional Studies, advocates a “preferred status” for religion among American civil rights.

Also Tuesday, an email newsletter from the Warren County Tea Party urged supporters to write letters to the Springboro district supporting the controversial issues policy change.

“Will you stand up for our children by telling education it is right to teach students that man-made global warming, evolution and many other topics are controversial, and there are at least two sides, and they must question the resources,” the newsletter said. Kohls also heads the local tea party.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has Springboro on their radar and will follow the developments closely:

“These policies violate constitutional principles,” Rebecca Markert, staff attorney for the Freedom from Religion Foundation, said in a letter mailed to Springboro Tuesday. “We urge the board to reject them.”

How a school board in affluent suburb can turn their back over a hundred years of science is beyond me.  Let’s hope they out this aside and get backing to the business of education.  The Springboro Board needs to drop this proposal and instead figure out how to move to the left on the graph below.

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A Steel City Skeptic who thinks science and reason is the light that we should follow to find our way in this world.
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