The Unbelievers


Many of the readers here may already be fully aware of a new documentary produced by Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss entitled, “The Unbelievers,” (WikiLink). For those, like myself, who are not, the following is brought to you as a public service by your caring and friendly atheist pastor.

The documentary debuted to overwhelming acclaim at eight theaters in Toronto, Canada in the latter part of April of this year.  All showings of the film were sold out.

Only scant coverage of this film has been given any coverage in the American news scene.  Hemant Mehta at The Friendly Atheist brought this CNN interview to his reader’s attention on April 28th.  Click the photo above (or the next link) to watch a brief interview with Dawkins and Krauss on Toronto’s “Morning Show.”

As of yet I can not find the film offered for sale at the standard locations.  I’ll keep a lookout for it though and let everyone know if I discover anything.

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  1. The Militant One says:

    Apparently, they are still in the process of negotiating distribution rights/contracts, so until they do, this information will not be available. I have signed up for their contact list to be updated when that information becomes available.

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