Talkin’ ’bout Jackson

Jackson City School District in southern Ohio did the right thing by taking down a very prominent picture of Jesus in order to avoid losing a expensive lawsuit.  The decision came when their insurance company refused to cover the expenses, if and when, the school lost the fights in the courts.  The insurance company knew it was a losing case, but by blaming the insurance company, the school comes out looking like the victim against the deep pockets of the ACLU and FFRF.

Of course, this is nonsense.  Neither side has deep pockets.  Both the ACLU and FFRF file lawsuits that they generally know they will win, if brought to trial.  If they consistently lost, they would be out business.  The reason they win is that they understand the Constitution and what are  appropriate Constitutional limits.

Look at the picture below.   Does it look like you have just walked into a public school or a Catholic school?  If you say the latter, then something is wrong.  Very wrong.

How did the Superintendent Phil Howard react?

Superintendent Phil Howard sadly watched as a teacher and two students removed it from a wall at Jackson High School and placed it in storage.  …

“We just couldn’t take the chance with taxpayers’ dollars,” he said. Howard took phone calls yesterday from people offering to raise money, but it wouldn’t be enough. “We’re not talking about car washes and bake sales,” he said. “It’s sad we found ourselves having to agree to something we don’t believe is right simply due to financial concerns.

Excuse me?  How about “We realized that the picture is just not appropriate in a public school and is not something that you would find in most public schools in Ohio.  We will make sure our Civics classes talk about this issue and make sure the future generations understand the role of the Constitution in shaping our laws.  Students need to understand that religion is best left to homes or to churches and the role of public schools to educate all students equally.  The separation of church and state is a fundamental principle set forth at the founding of this country.  It a principle that is often misunderstood, but no longer in Jackson City Schools thanks to the brave students who noted the problem and to the ACLU and FFRF lawyers who alerted us to this mistake.

This is a perfect teaching moment.

Of course, it will be wasted once again and instead replaced by the “Christian as victim” byline that has become all too common in these stories.  And, that is the real shame ’bout Jackson, ever since the fire went out.

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A Steel City Skeptic who thinks science and reason is the light that we should follow to find our way in this world.
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