De-extinction. Are you ready?

I wish to extend my sincere apologies for having the unmitigated gull to interfere with this week’s millisecond-by-millisecond coverage on just about every media outlet on planet Earth regarding the latest delusional moron to take the lead in keeping our species mired in 12th-century darkness, but I’ve discovered a Tedx presentation that I think may be of considerable more interest to those who seek to preserve the robust neural activity occurring within their cranial cavity.

The Tedx presentation of which I write was given by Stewart Brand.   Many will recall Stewart as the creator of The Whole Earth Catalog and a counterculture celeb to millions of young people through the globe beginning with the late 1960s Haight-Ashbury period.  Entitled, “The Dawn of De-extinction.  Are you ready?”, Stewart’s 18-minute presentation explores the progress that’s being made by biologists, DNA pioneers and other multi-disciplinary scientists  around the world to revive a number of animal species that are currently extinct, including the carrier pigeon.

Stewart’s presentation is exceptional.  If you’re on the verge of taking another dose of Prozac to keep your level of anger and disgust under control (as I have been while watching who I once was fairly confident were thoroughly rational human beings on MSNBC) drone on and freakin’ on about a newly anointed buffoon emerging from a puff of white smoke, I guarantee Stewart’s presentation will rescue from the depths of despair and help to restore your will to remain an active member of  the human species.

Check it out. 18 minutes ain’t long but I promise you …………. you’ll feel sooooo much better.

Stewart Brand

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1 Response to De-extinction. Are you ready?

  1. Dan M. says:

    Great piece to get the imagination juices flowing. Wouldn’t it just be the ultimate slap in the face to christianity if science could one day find the goodies to re-conceive Jesus of Nazareth. Then ala Flying Circus, a de-extincted T-rex’s foot would come from above and squash him in defiance. Let the nutjobs at the creation museum explain it all. Silly thoughts yes, but thats what keeps me off your aforementioned Prozac. Thanks for the post – really interesting stuff.

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