Religous Right Now Supports Church-State Separation

You have seen lots of comments in the blog about the Separation of Church and State and the complete denial of this concept from the religious right.  Given that context, it was amazing to read the following quote from California attorney Dan Broyles who filed suit against the  Encinitas Union School District for church-state violations.  Broyles wrote that the case:

represents a prime example of precisely why in America we wisely forbid the government from picking religious winners and losers, especially when you have a captive audience of very young and impressionable children as we do in our public schools.

Wow.  Sounds serious. Who were the religious winners and losers?  What was this case this drew the ire of the religious right?

It was yoga.  That is right.  The Encinitas Union School District has a yoga program as part of their gym class.  From one report, it was just exercising and not religious form of yoga and parents that were concerned could pull their children out.


In the meantime, the suit is being put forth by a conservative group with ties to  the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the nation’s largest Religious Right legal group, which once called the church-state wall “artificial.”  This group went so far as to say in their news release:

 This is frankly the clearest case of the state trampling on the religious freedom rights of citizens that I have personally witnessed in my 18 years of practice as a constitutional attorney. The program is extremely divisive and has unfortunately led to the harassment, discrimination, bullying, and segregation of children who, for good reasons, opt out of the program.

I could say the same thing about the Ten Commandments on school properties in New Ken and Connellsville here in Western PA.  Broyles seem to want to put a one-way door on the wall of separation, but unfortunately that is not the way it works.

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