(Not) Moving on Down The Road

Ellwood City, again.  They want their Nativity and they want it on public property.  Not everyone.  Just the mayor and few vocal citizens.  Mike Parisi came up with a unique solution, which is a rolling nativity that would be parked in front of City Hall and moved every 2 hours to comply with city parking ordinances.  The trailer came; the trailer parked; and the trailer stayed.  Since Dec 6th, it has remained in front of city hall without getting ticketed, towed, or moving on down the road.

IMAG1263 The Freedom From Religion Foundation, which fought to get off city property earlier this year, has protested the special treatment.  In a letter sent Dec. 26, FFRF Staff Attorney, Patrick Elliot, writes:

If the Borough’s ordinances are unenforced against this display, Ellwood City is demonstrating its preference and endorsement of a sectarian religious message. Selective enforcement of neutral parking regulations poses a serious constitutional problem.

There is a simple solution to the problem.  Stop messing around and obey the Constitution!  There should be no exceptions; No exceptions at all.

And, particularly no exceptions for the spelling challenged.

IMAG1272Time has expired on the Constitutional violations.  When will Ellwood City finally do the right thing?


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A Steel City Skeptic who thinks science and reason is the light that we should follow to find our way in this world.
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11 Responses to (Not) Moving on Down The Road

  1. Toni Pacini says:

    When religionist impose their beliefs on others, others become more visible, more verbal, and stand ready to demand equal treatment. I say to the pushy believers, “Be careful what you pray for, oh ye of shaky faith, you may not like the outcome.” I say “shaky faith, because a man or woman who’s secure in their beliefs have no need to shove it down the throats of people who do not believe as they believe. The problem is not that this group cannot spell, it’s that they cannot THINK or REASON. Programmed as they are to hurl forth the same ole’ lines time after time. Lines they were brainwashed with since birth. I know, I had the same brain washing but when I became a woman, I put aside childish things, like the tooth fairy, santa claus, god, jesus, satan, heaven and hell. In doing so, I found a life of joy, not guilt.

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  3. rob says:

    You’ve got serious cojones correcting someone’s spelling when the first sentence in your article is grammatically incorrect. Journalist…

  4. David23 says:

    is the trailer in a handicapped parking zone?

  5. The spelling was an exxident.

  6. Gary Rooney says:

    That sign is too funny.

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  8. John Chiotti says:

    Time for a court case

  9. revelmundo says:

    The people who support this silly crap have minds of little children. It’s such a shame.

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