The LaPierre solution


By now everyone has probably either listened to or heard about Wayne LaPierre’s solution to gun violence in our country.

It took him nearly 45 minutes to articulate the NRA’s answer to growing gun violence in America.  In the video here, however, I’ve managed to trim it down to a little more than one minute in length.

If you missed his original diatribe and you’re pressed for time but want to hear it, this video will sum everything up for you quite nicely.


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2 Responses to The LaPierre solution

  1. Dan M. says:

    I couldn’t take listening to LaPierre’s nonsense for much more than a minute or so before shutting it off. After minding all the children, how ever will our armed security find the time to guard over the next Gabby Gifford, or the audience at the next screening of a movie, or the fire fighters on the next upstate New York house fire? All in, I figure we’re gonna need snipers stationed on 300′ radius’ throughout the country. I googled the area of the continental US – reportedly, it’s 103,671,742,065,706 SF which means a $H1T ton of guards (I’m not quite as sharp with the calculus anymore). AND I didn’t even account for the friendly skies as Professor Bunker reminds us in the clip.
    Does the NRA’s proposition put us on the brink of another government funded welfare program?

  2. sk8eycat says:

    What century is LaPierre living in that he believes every classroom should be converted into the O.K. Corral?

    President Obama said he’s “heartbroken” over the killings in Newtown; I’m just disgusted.

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