On a Mission from God

In the Blues Brothers, Ellwood and Jake Blues claimed they were on a mission from God.  Anthony Court and Marty Griffin are the modern day equivalents of Ellwood and Jake.  Confused, lost and angry about what they can’t control.


Anthony Court is the mayor of Ellwood City.  Like the Grinch who just can’t relax and enjoy the holiday season, he refuses to accept reality.  Or, the Constitution.

Ellwood City Mayor Anthony Court voted to keep it there, and still believes it should be there.

“We had to move it, but that’s not the end of the story,” said Mayor Court.

A couple of lighted trees and an empty sleigh at all the decorations left at City Hall; no nativity scene at all. The mayor says he believes that not what most residents want and plans to fight to get it back.

“I’m pretty sure 98 percent of our community is on the right side and that’s keeping it at City Hall and that’s my belief also,” said Mayor Court.

And the ring-leader in this mess was the KDKA commentator, Marty Griffin, who continues to fuel the fire.

It seems to be a never-ending Crèche controversy.

It is only never-ending to you, Marty.

The nativity scene that used to be in front of the Ellwood City Town Hall has now been moved down the street after last year’s legal battle with an out-of-town atheist group.

Said the out-of-town news reporter.

Pressured into moving the nativity scene to a local restaurant that used to be a Catholic church.

Private citizens chose to an erect a nativity on private land.  And, that is news?

There was a protest at Christmas last year. More than 1,000 people came out, outraged over efforts by anti-religion organizations threatening legal action if the nativity scene wasn’t moved off of city property.

And so on, and so on. Marty Griffin, who apparently hates the constitution as much as he likes to promote sensationalist stories to gain listeners, continues to harp on half-truths and misconceptions.  Never once has he mentioned the 1989 Supreme Court ruling, Allegheny County v ACLU, which established the guidelines for holiday displays.  It was this court case that resulted in the removal of the nativity from the City-County Building in Pittsburgh and the creation of the privately funded display at Steel City Plaza.

Why doesn’t Marty Griffin protest the Steel City Plaza display?  Why is that display wonderful in his eyes, but the Ellwood City nativity, now on private land, is a travesty and injustice?

It is because he has not interest in the truth.

Ellwood Court and Jake Griffin.  On a mission from God.


About SamStone

A Steel City Skeptic who thinks science and reason is the light that we should follow to find our way in this world.
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4 Responses to On a Mission from God

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  3. KevinH says:

    What amuses me is that on one level ( the erection of the nativity set on private property) is lauded by those who never wanted it moved in the first place, as a glorious victory.
    On another level they want it moved back!
    A short while ago one of the up-in-arms citizens uttered these words of wisdom. “Next thing you know they’ll want to take crosses out of the church!”
    Just doesn’t get it. It’s true: There are none so blind as those who do not wish to see.

  4. Dan Matesic says:

    The problem is systemic; the end result of sale of the media product. I’ve been hearing similar rants on all the local news reports on Elwood and Connelsville sporadically for the past few months. For a funny take, check out Jon Stewart’s rant on the war on christmas from Monday night’s show. Fox takes this crap to a national level.

    It’s fills in enough of the half hour time slot to give jane and joe dip$#it consumer just enough of the story so that they can reinforce their own indoctrinations before the attention span withers away and they return to watching the nascar race. It’s the easy “controversy” for the news to win support and maintain customer loyalty. Your sensationalist comment hits the nail on the head. Here we go again with Seneca’s “religion is regarded by …the rulers as useful”. Marty Griffin is a tool who wouldn’t tie his shoes without direction. I’d think he’s more a figurehead than a ringleader.

    Court is a politician employing Mitt’s philosophy of whatever is popular is what I believe. Or he’s a nutbag. Or a little bit of both. Welcome to Pennsyltucky, please pick up your complementary bible at the border which will serve as your voter I.D. card.

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