Basketball Jones vs. Basketball Jesus

The Friendly Atheist had a humorous take on the record breaking performance by Jack Taylor of Grinnell College, who scored 138 points, NCAA scoring record.  He noted that Grinnell won the game, 179-104, against Faith Baptist Bible College, which is a fundamentalist Christian church with a rather extreme student policy.  In particular, the Faith College code forbids its students from dating anyone but Christians who have been saved and furthermore, if you wanted to get married while in school, you must get approval from the Dean of Students first!

Hemant Mehta looked at how the Faith College reported the news of loss and perhaps eat their humble pie, being good Christians and all?

That is right.  By noting their leading scorer, David Larson, had a big game (which he did), but his team lost by 75 points to a NCAA record setting forward.

By the way, Grinnell is known as one of the least religious schools in the country.  It is a school where academics matter, not religion and not sports.

Which brings up a final point:  In all the coverage from ESPN and other sports outlets, no one asked Jack Taylor about his major or why he is in college.  Just so you know, the Grinnell sports website says that  Jack Taylor is majoring Biochemistry (impressive!) and when asked, “What has been your biggest adjustment to Grinnell?”

Probably study habits. Managing my time well because the workload here is demanding.

That is a very refreshing response in a world where most college athletes just think about their college sport, while others just care about kowtowing to religious propaganda.


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