CFI: Pittsburgh: Monthly Meeting: 7PM TODAY at Carnegie Science Center

Where: Carnegie Science Center (1 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15212)


RSVP at:

This month’s event is author Kathleen Stewart, discussing her book The Good News Club. This group meets at the Bayer auditorium on the 1st floor of the building.
This event is brought to you by the Pittsburgh chapter of the Center for Inquiry and its subsidiary branch: Steel City Skeptics. For more information on CFI or our other events, go to http://www.centerfori…

Bear in mind that this event is posted on several different pages on Facebook and on If you only see a few people RSVP, do not be discouraged. There are usually approximately 30 people or more attending this event. First timers are always welcome.

Thursday, October 11 at 7:00 PM


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One Response to CFI: Pittsburgh: Monthly Meeting: 7PM TODAY at Carnegie Science Center

  1. Liz hrenda says:

    I was asked about resources for public education advocates on Thursday after Katherine Stewart’s talk on the religious right’s attack on public schools and democracy. Here are some links of interest:

    Pa Alliance for Democracy. I worked for this organization briefly. It no longer operates but its website is maintained as an archive. I recommend both A Celebration of Public Education by Jeff Gonzalez and It’s a Matter of Values by Clark Moeller. Money, Power and the Radical Right in Pennsylvania, 1996, contains a brief explanation of the origin of Christian Dominianism, which is the philosophy of many fo the groups that seek to destroy public schools and a catalog of PA’s Christian Right. (of note, Jim Hanak who was founder of the PA chapter of American Family Organization and a foe of reproductive rights is now the CEO of PA leadership Charter School.) You can access these and many other resources on church-state separation, civil rights, science education, and intellectual freedom at and click on the “articles’ link on the left side.

    Yinzercation Pittsburgh-based blog follows local education issues. Jesse Ramey provides both commentary and advocacy ideas. Most recently a posting about the dismal state on the library at Manchester Elementary led to thousands of book donations and national press attention.

    Diane Ravitch professor of education at NYU and a education historian blogs at She is a former under secretary of education in the Bush administration and had been an advocate of No Child Left Behind. Her book about that experience is The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How testing and Choice are Undermining Education.

    Partners for Public Education This is the public advocacy arm of Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA). It’s a membership organization, $1 for five years. You can sign up and get information about schools, education policy, parenting advice relating to education and some discounts (a free ice cream sundae from Dairy Queen!).

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