Dawkins & friends discuss reality

Richard Dawkins and friends offer overwhelming proof – to anyone w/ at least a couple of living (and functioning) brain cells – why the notion of a Divine Creator is pure hogwash.

Share it w/ a young person.  Help kill the virus.

Excellent video!  Check it out.


The Laryngeal Nerve of the Giraffe is Proof of Natural Selection

Added: Friday, 03 August 2012 at 10:05 AM

This was previously posted in 2010 on rd.net. It’s discussed in detail in both The Greatest Show on Earth and in Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution is True and is certainly worth watching – or watching again.

This video, including comments by Richard Dawkins, documents a necropsy (an autopsy on an animal other than a human) carried out in a classroom on a giraffe. In this video, we follow the pathway of the recurrent (inferior) laryngeal nerve, an important nerve that is a branch of the Vagus nerve (tenth cranial nerve). The recurrent (inferior) laryngeal nerve, which branches off the Vagus nerve at the base of the brain, travels down the neck, around the arteries of the heart and travels back up the neck to ennervate the larynx, or voice box, thereby providing motor function. The purpose of doing this exercise is to show that there is no so-called “intelligent designer” because the pathway of this nerve is completely illogical — unless, of course, you accept that evolution is the reason for this nerve’s convoluted pathway through the body.

Richard Dawkins Demonstrates Laryngeal Nerve of… by blindwatcherOriginal link to this video and others on the Channel 4 website (note: only viewable in the UK)

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