The War on Memorial Day

We all know about the War on Christmas, which argues that there only correct way to celebrate the holiday.  Christian creep has now spread to other holidays, most notably Memorial Day.

In a recent Washington Post blog post, Brad Hirschfield talks about a video that was released today as part of an effort by Liberty Institute to defend the blatant (and unconstitutional) use of Christian cross in military memorials.  The result is an absurd music video, “Don’t Tear Me Down,” which overlays the US Flag with Christian crosses, as if they are the same thing.

The video confuses the private use of religious symbols, such as found on individual graves, with public use, which is supposed to represent all soldiers who died. Most offensive is refrain that appears to be directed at the ACLU and FFRF:

“Don’t tear me down, Just walk away
Our Founding Fathers, What would they say?
Don’t tear me down, These words I pray
I’m just keeping watch, Over the fallen brave”

Hirschfield sums it nicely:

The song suggests that those opposed to religious symbolism are somehow less concerned about these battles and how to properly honor those who fell in them. That’s just wrong. Not to mention the threat implicit in suggesting that the ACLU and FFRF should, in the words of the song, “just walk away in the name of peace.” Again, it’s just wrong.

The odd thing is that the first 1:45 of the song is just fine.  It talks about soldiers who have sacrificed.  With the flag behind the guitar, Jon Christopher Davis sings “I stand and salute those who are gone.”  Why can’t the song end there?  Why is it that holidays have to become another opportunity to push one’s own religious views on the rest of the county?  Why can’t the Liberty Institute just walk away and leave the Constitution alone?  More importantly, why don ‘t they look at what our Founding Father actually did say. I think they might be surprised.

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A Steel City Skeptic who thinks science and reason is the light that we should follow to find our way in this world.
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