Watch What You Say on National TV

It is great to see bogus junk called out for what it is.  The Friendly Atheist has a great post about a recent episode of Shark Tank.  (I know what you are saying. I have never watched it either.)  Apparently, in the show, “inventors” try to pitch ideas for new products to a panel of rich celebrity investors, who will back the ideas they like with their own cash.

On this episode, Ryan Naylor, tries to pitch the idea of BeeEss Watches, I mean, Esso Watches, which neutralize the ions and blah, blah, blah. He even did the infamous balancing trick on one the panel members, which almost convinced her it was real.

Fortunately, Mark Cuban saw right the through the crap, having heard about this scam in the sports world:

This is not new. It’s been disproven. It’s a joke. It’s a scam . It’s not real. I’m out.

You can watch the video segment here, after a short ad.

As for the balancing trick, it is a major part of the scam.  As pointed out in this video from Australia, it is all a matter of physics and a subtle change in direction that you push.  The funny thing is that every con artist does the exact same “test” of its power.

Explanation starts at 1:30

By the way, if you still believe in the power of the Esso Watches, I know a little three card game that you might be interested in.

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