Secular Freethinking Discussion Group: 2/2/2012 at The Quiet Storm Coffeehouse

Where: The Quiet Storm Coffeehouse (5430 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206)

When: 2/2/2012

RSVP at:

Hi Everyone,

Our topic this month comes from Chris:  picking our battles.  As atheists and nonbelievers, we are a minority and an oft maligned group–how do we choose when to defend our rights and valuesand whento back down?  Which situations are worth your intervention, and which are not?  Some examples: debunking; opposing nativity scenes or prayers on public property; debating with individuals; legal actions.  How do you prioritize your personal battles, and how can we prioritize our actions as a movement?   

To get the discussion started, here is an recent example of a 16-year old girl who sued her school over a prayer hanging on the wall.  She won the suit, but has been discriminated against by businesses, individuals, and even legislators in her community: here’s a video of Jessica Ahlquist being booed at a school committee meeting.

See you there!


*Our monthly discussion group at the Quiet Storm Coffeehouse in the East End.  They have a great menu that’s veggie and vegan friendly if you get hungry. I post the discussion topic a few weeks in advance, so stay tuned for more information!

Please note:  The Quiet Storm continues to be a wonderful meetup site for us.  Out of respect for the servers and for everyone’s convenience, please approach the front counter to order and pay for your food or drink separately.  In this way we will avoid combined checks and interruptions to the group, and they can ensure we get the best service and individual attention.  Thanks! :)

Thursday, February 2 at 7:00 PM


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