The End of Faith

I finally got around to watching Collision, which is the 2009 documentary about a traveling debate between Atheist Christopher Hitchens and Pastor Doug Wilson on the topic of “Is Christianity Good for the World?”   You can download the entire movie as a one-week rental through, if you are interested.

It was interesting to see Hitchens, healthy and in good humor, challenging  Wilson, who made a valiant attempt to push his position, but to little avail.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

However, there was a curious line at the very end of the movie.  In the final scene, which you can view on YouTube, Hitchens and Wilson are in back of the cab.  Hitchens, with a funny little smirk that almost implies that he knows this is silly, says:

If I could convert everyone in the world, not convert; if I could convince [everyone] to be a nonbeliever, and I’d really done brilliantly, and there’s only one left, one more and then it’d be done, there’d be no more religion in the world, no more deism, theis, I wouldn’t do it.

And Dawkins said, ‘What do you mean you wouldn’t do it?’.  I said I don’t quite know why I wouldn’t do it. And it’s not just because there’d be nothing left to argue with and no one left to argue with. It’s not just that. Though it would be that.

Somehow if I could drive it out of the world, I wouldn’t. And the incredulity with which he (Dawkins) looked at me stays with me still, I’ve got to say.

It is an interesting thought.

And, Hitch’s little smirk at the end of the scene stays with me still, I’ve got to say.

About SamStone

A Steel City Skeptic who thinks science and reason is the light that we should follow to find our way in this world.
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