Second Annual Festivus for the Rest of Us Holiday Party

It’s that SEASON again! Is it the Season of Lights, the Season for Enhanced Political Correctness, or just an excuse to keep retail businesses in the black? However you slice it, it seems to be a time for people to get together, party, and chow down on comfort food. So we’re going to do just that!

We’re gathering together ALL the secular groups in Pittsburgh at the Church Brew Works, 3525 Liberty Ave in Lawrenceville, for our second annual Festivus for the Rest of Us party! This is your chance to mingle with folks from Steel City Skeptics, Pittsburgh Secular Freethinkers, CFI Pittsburgh, CMU’s AHA! (Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics), the University of Pittsburgh’s Secular Alliance, and the yet-to-be-formally-recognized Duquesne Secular Society.

So mark your calendars for December 18th from 5 to 9 p.m. We’ll be gathered round the Festivus pole competing in feats of strength (like thumb wrestling), airing all kinds of grievances (don’t we always?), and drinking beer brewed on an altar. Let’s fête the general mayhem of the season!

If you can please RSVP through your local group using the Meetup or Facebook links listed in Blogroll on the left.  Last year close to 50 came to celebrate.  Let’s try to increase that number this year!

About SamStone

A Steel City Skeptic who thinks science and reason is the light that we should follow to find our way in this world.
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2 Responses to Second Annual Festivus for the Rest of Us Holiday Party

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  2. John Neumann says:

    Sorry for the self-promotion, but my friend and I recently made a Festivus song, and put a video on YouTube:

    (my friend is the “Buffalo Festivus Chorale” contribution)

    Hope to see you on the 18th!

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