Tim Minchin Minces No Words

Australian-born Tim Minchin was featured on Studio 360 this weekend, which is heard locally on the now independent NPR station 90.5 FM. It is worth a listen as there is no better musical skewer of religion out there today.  He is a cross between Tom Leher and George Carlin, but is still relatively unknown in the US.

You can hear the whole show at http://www.studio360.org/2011/nov/25/tim-minchin-performs-live/.  Be sure listen to his wonderful Christmas song played at the end called White Wine in the Sun, which is a tribute to the Australian Christmas, which comes in the middle of their summer.  An interesting side note on the song is that it got put a Australian Salvation Army CD of Christmas songs, which caused quite an uproar when the Salvos (another Aussie term)  listened to the lyrics!

My only complaint with Studio 360 is that the show was called “Breaking Taboos”.  I will be pleased when praising God or saying “Of course, I don’t believe in evolution” raises gasps and murmurs of “Did he just say that in mixed company?”  Unfortunately, that kind of taboo is long way off, at least on this side of the equator.

**Update: You can watch a wonderful animated version of White Wine in the Sun below


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  2. Thanks for the link to my site! :)

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