Thoughts on 9/11

Have you noticed the PAT buses flashing signs that say Remember 9/11/01? Personally, I am more interested in why it is called the “Port Authority”, when we live nowhere near the ocean, but back to the point of remembering 9/11 — exactly what does this mean?  Gyma, over at Spork in the Drawer, questioned this fixation as well.

I might be more willing to put up with this ongoing ceremony if we had reacted more like Norway and not like sniveling cry babies, willing to forego our civil liberties in order to be kept “safe”.

PZ Meyers points to the horrific 9/11 coloring book that glorifies violence.  A coloring book?  Really?

I think there is a serious scientific question here, as well.  A huge infrastructure (DHS and TSA) was created to stop another 9/11 attack, where about 3000 people died.  At the same time, about 40,000 people die in automobile accidents every year.  By mile, traveling by highway is about 65 times more dangerous than traveling by air.   This is true now and it was true in 2011.  So here is the irony.  By increasing restrictions on flying, more people are driving, especially in mid-range trips of 5-10 hours.  The TSA policy has resulted in people who would normally fly (a safe mode of travel) to drive (an unsafe mode of travel).  Of course, this kind of logic takes some effort to follow and does not fit well on a bus banner.

Instead, we are left with Remember 9-11-01, which plays into the politics of fear, rather than affirm about  what is good in a FREE society.

Update: Steven Pinker has a very thoughtful essay that expounds on the misconception of terrorism.  It is worth reading.

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A Steel City Skeptic who thinks science and reason is the light that we should follow to find our way in this world.
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