Some Christians Are A Whole Lot Better Than Others

Today’s Post-Gazette had an excellent column from Tony Norman. In it he pointed out the danger from the Dominionists. These people have been around for over a hundred years, so their ideas are nothing new. And for the most part, they have been on the fringes. But now, in 2011, we have two of these dangerous delusionals mounting credible campaigns for the Presidency, and one of them is a seriously viable candidate.

It is too bad that other mainstream believers do not have the courage to speak out against this rot. And that is indeed a major problem. The overwhelming majority of Christians either believe these people to be benign, or are perfectly willing to give them a free pass because of their shared belief in the ancient myths. And it is why I, along with so many other non-believers have such contempt for the believers. They give cover and tacit approval for these very dangerous people and would willingly elect them to the highest office in the land even though these fanatics oppose virtually every principle that this nation was founded upon.

It is very frightening. It is just too bad that there aren’t more Christians like Tony.

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