Indivisible left off pledge!

This past weekend the word “indivisible” was left off the pledge, when it was played during the US Open Golf tournament.  Middle America was outraged at the thought that the US was no longer just one big nation from sea to shining sea.  New York, Kansas, California.   One local resident was overhead saying “We used to be just one big happy family, INDIVISIBLE with liberty and justice for ALL, but now NBC changed all that.”

Wait.  Hold it.  I got that wrong.

It appears no one was upset about the word “Indivisible”.  It was just the words “Under God” that left the public and the mainstream media aghast.  Leaving out “Indivisible” apparently caused no problem, because, of course, we are divided.  Besides “Indivisible” is just some stupid, irrelevant word.  One that most of us mispronounce in grade school and had know idea what it meant.

Instead, all the public cares about is the johnny-come-lately phrase “one nation under (my) god”.  The rest of the pledge seems to be irrelevant, as is the fact that the NBC segment was edited into several pieces and that one piece clearly got let out.    Here is how the script ran.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag” … cut to soldiers raising the flag …   “of the United States of America” .. cut back to soldiers …. “and to the republic to which it stands, one nation” …  cut again to solidiers …  cut to flag flying … “with liberty and justice for all”.

Notice two non-pledge two cuts in a row?  Perhaps the missing segment was to fit in there.  Of course, the holier than thou were reporting that leaving out “Under God” was clearly intentional.

To add to the mountain out a molehill of editing tapes, the Kansas City Star has been running this poll and where 83% are calling the omission blasphemy.  Editing out three words (under God, indivisible) is very sloppy editing, but blasphemy?   Not by any definition I have read.

Finally, if you want to see a great historic video of the Pledge, here is the one of with Porky Pig reciting it circa 1939, which fits me just fine.   As Phil Plait said this week:

I’ve always found it the height of irony that the words [Under God] were added between the words “one nation” and “indivisible”, as adding religion to a secular pledge is very divisive, and in fact that was the intent of adding it (McCarthyism is a great example of “Us versus Them” thinking).


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One Response to Indivisible left off pledge!

  1. revelmundo says:

    Morans strike again!
    ~Rev. El

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