How much would you pay to be stared at by a Croatian?

Apparently the going rate is $8, provided that the Croatian is Braco the Healer, whose “silent gaze transforms lives”:

Unlike the gibberish-spewing, forehead-whacking faith healers of old, Braco’s approach is zen-like in its minimalism: he stares at you. After collecting your $8. From the flyer apparently “Renowned experts in the field of alternative healing research” as well as “medical doctors” will vouch for his effectiveness, though I can’t seem to find any references. Lucky for us, Braco is coming to Pittsburgh this weekend.

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1 Response to How much would you pay to be stared at by a Croatian?

  1. revelmundo says:

    Fantasimo. I think we should gather up as many fun-loving heathens and rationalists as we can and make it a family fun day. I mean seriously, this is too good to be be true! First it was Camping making a tour through town and now this idiot. Back to back Moran visits to the ‘burg. It just doesn’t get much better! is a hoot. Did you see that video of the miracle cure he brought to that woman in Hoosher-land? She’s now able to shopping!

    Praise the Lard. Oops, sorry. I mean Braco.
    ~Rev. El

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