Why we’re screwed

People who know me, even casually, think that I’m an overly pessimistic person.   Most have a difficult time trying to figure out exactly why that is.  They often wonder: Was it bad parenting?  A troubled childhood?  Troubled adolescence?  Depression?  Perhaps it has something to do with a chemical imbalance and the Rev. ain’t takin’ his meds?

Well, I think I have finally found a video that explains everything.  Without further ado, I give you Mr. Fouts.  He will explain everything.

What I’m left desperate for these days  is a rational explanation of how, in 21st-century America no less, we find a new Mr. Fouts, each with a hundred or more mindless lemmings, born about every three seconds.

After watching the video I’d be most appreciative if someone can give me a little guidance on exactly how chipper one should be feeling these days.

About Rev. El Mundo

Mocker of superstition and woo.
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