Tomorrow is Drinking Skeptically!

Just a quick reminder that Drinking Skeptically Pittsburgh is tomorrow!

I probably can’t make it but I hope you’ll join the folks who’ve RSVP’d on Facebook and Meetup and say hello to our new organizer Bill C. He’s keeping DS alive on those sites as Laura and I are no longer able to (hence the lack of updates here) and that makes him AWESOME! Thanks Bill!

So here are the deets:

Where: The Bar, 2132 East Carson Street
When: 7:30pm-11ish? Friday, November 20th. [3rd Friday of the month!]

And here’s a Google map that shows where The Bar is and where we typically find parking, that should help you if you need directions.

Oh oh… Check out the message board at the Facebook group linked above — There’ve been some great suggestions for possible outings and fun holiday things to do for next month’s gathering. It’s a great way to be in contact with the folks you meet at DS.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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2 Responses to Tomorrow is Drinking Skeptically!

  1. Eliza says:


    It’s usually between 10 and 15 but sometimes we’ve hit almost 30! It really depends on what’s going on in town — what’s the weather like, is there a game, is it Light Up Night or a holiday — that sort of thing. We have a better turn out in the summer.

    If you sign up for the Meetup or Facebook groups you’ll get invites and I think reminders are part of it. L and I, the original organizers have/are changing jobs (and I am leaving the area) so our involvement is limited (and I am looking for someone to pass this site over to).

    The event is every 3rd Friday of the month and unless the group decides to change it, we’ve got the OK from The Bar to have it there.

  2. Sabio says:

    Hey all !
    How many folks typically show up at these meetings, if I may ask?
    Also, do you think you could send out a reminder about 3-4 days before the event?
    Sounds fun

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