September's Drinking Skeptically

So this monthly thing we do? The one where we get together for drinks and fun? It’s tomorrow, Friday September 18th, at 7:30, in the usual spot –The Bar on E. Carson. [More details & rsvps at Facebook and Meetup.]

You should come out, especially if you’re interested in taking over this much neglected site, as several of our regulars are making long-distance moves, and have taken on new challenges like grad school and better jobs that require more of our time.

Last month we had an awesome turnout and met lots of new friends getting ready to start the new academic year. That’s very Pittsburgh, isn’t it? People coming and going — almost an annual refresh. Sure, it happens elsewhere but it’s just so noticeable here. And I like it. And, I’ll drink to that. (Tomorrow, around 7:30ish. Maybe with you.)

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4 Responses to September's Drinking Skeptically

  1. Bill says:

    Thank you for the quick response—and now that it’s resolved, feel free to delete these comments if you wish :) I apologize that I could not find a more private/secure means of contacting you about this. I also apologize that my first comment on this blog had to be so serious-business, but I immediately recognized that photo as being Matt’s work, and we Wikimedians try to look out for each other. I’m glad to hear that the photo used to be properly attributed before the theme switch, because there’s an unfortunately persistent misconception on the internet that everything on Wikipedia is wholly anonymous and in the public domain… It’s common for me to encounter people who have no idea that they’re supposed to be attributing someone when they borrow material. :)


  2. Eliza says:


    My apologies and thank you for the heads up. The attribute *was* in the previous version of the theme but when I upgraded it changed the footer include and I didn’t notice the difference in files.

    I’d been meaning to swap out images for a while. The header is supposed to be a rotating through a selection of jpgs.

    The new images are 100% mine, taken while a few of us were walking to a dinner gathering last spring.

  3. Bill says:


    I’m writing as a volunteer of the Wikimedia Foundation (as well as an atheist Pittsburgher, which is how I found this site) to inform you that your use of that banner image ( is in violation of the copyright of Matthew Field.

    Please see the following page for licensing information on this image:

    You must either (1) remove it from your website, (2) get the written permission of Mr. Field to use it, or (3) attribute him properly and follow the stipulations of the licensing terms available on the image information page linked above.

    Please do not construe this as a legal threat, because it is not. My intention is only to alert you of this issue so that you can fix it.


  4. Greg says:

    Damn. Another one I’ll probably miss. I need to make it to one of these sometime and prove to myself there are skeptics in Pittsburgh besides me!

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