Summer Fun

808-23cr-cfic-pgh-linked-canoes.jpgSummer has been here for a couple of weeks, now, so that must mean that it is about time for some skeptical fun. CFI-Pittsburgh is holding it’s annual canoe excursion on the Youghiogheny River on Saturday August 15th. Those of you who participated last year, or who have seen the photos from last year’s event, know that a great time was had by all – especially those who played on the rope swing. (The pictures can be seen here.)

This year, we are doing something a little different – for those who prefer a little extra challenge, we are offering three different options for participants to choose. All of the excursions end at the outfitters location in West Newton – the differences are in the put-in locations. You have the choice of 1.a fairly short run (2 hrs or so) from Cedar Creek Park, or 2. a medium length run (4 hrs or so) from Smithton, or 3. for those desiring something a little more lengthy, putting in at Whitsett (6 hrs or so). Every one can arrive at the outfitter at the time appropriate for their run and be transported to the put-in location. Then, as the group works its way downstream, those who have opted for the shorter runs can join the group as they get to the other put-in locations. By the time we get to West Newton, we should have a veritable armada – well, flotilla, anyway.

Rate schedule is as follows: $30 from Cedar Creek Park, $35 from Smithton, and $40 from Whitsett. This price is per canoe, two people per canoe. A third person can ride in the canoe for an additional $3. This is great if you have a child or a friend who wants to participate. And for those of you who have your own canoe, the outfitter will transport your canoe to the put-in for a nominal fee ($3 or $4 I think).

So if you are looking for some summer fun, come on along for the ride. Maybe YOU can enjoy the rope swing – or not. To reserve your canoe, e-mail BillK at and send a check for the correct amount to:

PO Box 19003
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Reservations need to be in and paid by July 31st.

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