New Digs for Drinking Skeptically!


We are thrilled to announce a fabulous new change to our favorite monthly social gathering! We’re moving to The Bar at 2132. (That’s E. Carson St. — A Pittsburgh phrase meaning “where the bars live.”)

The owner has not only graciously let us reserve the front section of this posh place on a Friday night, but has offered to make us the official beverage of savvy skeptics the world over: Buzzed Aldrins. How awesome is that? “So awesome” is correct.

Look how sweet this place is:


See that? That’s room to mingle! And it’s all ours! We even have our own section of the bar so you can order your own drinks and maintain your own tabs. Plus, there’s food. Booze and food and space to move! This just might be the greatest Pittsburgh Drinking Skeptically yet!

Well, that is if you will be there! See you May 15th around 7:30!

RSVP here or at Meetup or Facebook.

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1 Response to New Digs for Drinking Skeptically!

  1. Greg says:

    Damn, I’ve been hoping to come by one of these for awhile now and you just have to have it on a night I’ll be stuck at work until Midnight!

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