Storm Detour Disrupts Darwin Dinner

In an email this morning local CFI President, Chuck Bobich, updates us on last night’s monthly dinner meeting with special guest, David Campbell:

The recent high winds snapped a pole along Route 51 near Francesco’s Restaurant. This not only killed power to the restaurant, but created a hazard that forced the blockage and a detour of Rte. 51. Ten tough old birds managed to challenge the blockade or wait out the detour, but in the intervening hour delay, many prospective attendees turned back, including our speaker for the evening, Darwin impersonator David Campbell.

You can still catch Dr. Campbell’s wonderful show for the next three Saturdays at 2pm, at the Carnegie Science Center. Some might scoff at the notion of this as a Valentine’s date, but really what is more romantic than natural selection? (Just ask the Skepchicks!)

And without further ado, let me show you the awesome birthday cake, CFI’s Victor Bernard made that we missed:

Happy Birthday Charles!

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