Next on KDKA News: 3 Minutes of Catholic Guilt

Last night Pittsburgh CBS affiliate, KDKA gave approximately three minutes of news time to Pittsburgh Bishop David Zubik to guilt Catholics into voting for “pro-life” John McCain while repeatedly insisting that he couldn’t tell anyone who to vote for.

“The Pope has said you know we’re so concerned about financial bankruptcy but maybe the question that we’re missing is that perhaps we’re becoming spiritually bankrupt.”

And in considering the issues, the bishop says one should take precedence over all others.

“The one issue that can’t be minimized is the issue about being pro-life.”

In further Catholic church advertisement, they report he will have all of his churches open Monday so that Catholics can pray about how they should vote Tuesday.

The only way this should be on the news is if it is followed promptly by “This just in from the IRS: ‘Pittsburgh’s Catholic Diocese loses non-profit status.’”

Video of this non-news item can be found at KDKA’s news website.

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7 Responses to Next on KDKA News: 3 Minutes of Catholic Guilt

  1. Eliza says:

    You’re saying I am calling low-income people stupid, when I am saying that those of us who cannot afford cable should not be patronized with ridiculous fluff pieces and there should be a standard of good journalistic practices even for those of us who don’t have CNN. I’m poor, not ignorant.

    I’m talking about local news not being news (and you agreed) and why that does matter. Growing up local news channels and newspapers were all I had. Perhaps that wasn’t your experience, but these are the sources “informing” a diverse range of people. And that truly bothers me, as someone who wants to advance critical thinking skills in young people.

  2. Brandon says:

    It’s not a straw man. You said: “It’s a low-income captive audience, and frankly that is what really bothers me about non-news and fluff pieces presented on “The News”. ” Why does it bother you? It seems to me you’re implying that low-income people are to stupid to recognize a fluff piece.

  3. Eliza says:

    I guess Halloween was an appropriate day to build your own strawmen so I’ll let that one go.

    Is this really a free speech issue? If they’d spent 3 minutes every night leading up to election day providing soapboxes for different special interest groups, I would still feel like it wasn’t NEWS.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a local news program that wasn’t a joke? Some journalistic standards and some integrity? How do you get that without asking for it?

  4. Brandon says:

    So we have to complain about what KDKA considers news because poor people are too stupid to discern sound opinions for themselves?

    KDKA has the right to call whatever they want news and, as much as we might disagree with them, the Catholics aren’t doing anything wrong. The guy never said anything about either candidate being pro-death, he just explained what his religious tenants say about the abortion issue. (And I doubt anyone is even remotely persuaded by him or his arguement.)

    You don’t get to decide what forum people use to express themselves.

    If you want to write letters to KDKA about how you think they should run their network, go right ahead. But personally, I think it’s the kind of anti-free speech bullshit that groups like Focus on the Family love to spew. Telling people what they should and shouldn’t say is juvenile. That’s what the religious right does. We shouldn’t. I’d much rather use my own forum to put out a counter message.

  5. Eliza says:

    Brandon, I’m saying that it would only be news if they lost their exemption — because that’s never going to happen.

    No, of course he’s not coming out and saying it directly. He is just going to get prime-news airtime to remind our grandmothers that the only way you can truly be Catholic is to vote the Catholic “pro-life” line. I get those Planned Parenthood mailers too (because I signed up for them) and they aren’t threatening me with Hell Eternal. They’re laying down facts and that’s the difference.

    A Catholic bishop on the evening news lying to viewers about a candidate being anti-life/pro-death is Shady Business.

    Additionally it’s not just grandmothers watching local news. It’s also people who cannot afford cable and people who do not have the luxury of home Internet access. It’s a low-income captive audience, and frankly that is what really bothers me about non-news and fluff pieces presented on “The News”. It doesn’t matter what manner of BS it is, that’s not the proper forum for any variety of it.

    You can choose to just tune it out, but I would rather call them on it.

  6. Brandon says:

    Sorry, I can’t be even remotely outraged by this. It’s not news, but nothing on the 5 o’clock news is. KDKA is for grandmothers. They’re just playing to their base.

    Besides the only time people make a big deal out of Catholics being pro-life is near election time.

    As far as them losing non-profit status; that’s horse shit too. Just the other day I got a mailer from Planned Parenthood that explained to me Obama & McCain’s positions on abortion. They didn’t suggest I vote for one or the other, so they didn’t do anything wrong. Neither did this bishop. The reporter asked him which way should people vote and he refused to answer.

    Rather than writing letters, everyone should just stop watching KDKA.

  7. BillK says:

    Of course the hypocrite neglects to mention that McCain’s pro-war stance shows a much greater disdain for life. Of course the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi children that have been killed by this needless war of agression don’t count because they aren’t good xtians or ‘murricans. Not only that, but they’re not zygotes so it’s okay to kill them.

    I think we should all send letters/e-mails to KDKA expressing our displeasure.

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