Lawrence Krauss to Speak at Science Center Oct 3rd!

I just got wind of a really exciting event happening in Pittsburgh.  The Creative Non-Fiction Writers Conference 2008 is presenting on Science and Technology from October 2-4.   They have a myriad of events for writers as well as those just interested in hearing engaging panel discussions and readings from leading voices in the scientific community.  Of particular interest to freethinkers in Pittsburgh is a panel discussion with author Lawrence Krauss:

“Selling Science to Unwilling Buyers: From Star Trek to Eternity”: An Evening with Lawrence Krauss
Oct. 3, 7 pm, Carnegie Science Center, North Shore

Pick up the latest in hot science topics to start conversations and impress your friends, from Star Trek and time travel to aliens and even sex. Lawrence M. Krauss is the author of seven popular books, including the international bestseller The Physics of Star Trek. A reception with Lawrence Krauss and other conference faculty will begin at 5 pm.

Also present at the talk will be contemporary science writers Virginia Morell with Science and National Geographic and Corey Powell with Discover. There are several options for attendance but since I’m finding out about this last minute, it seems to lock in the cheaper prices you need to register by TODAY – SEPTEMBER 18th!

To attend both the reception and the panel discussion with Krauss, Powell and Morell the cost is $40.  The reception is supposed to be lovely and I’ve been told that if its a nice night there will be a telescope available for moon-gazing! To choose this option click here (choose the option just BELOW “Package E”)

I’ve also been told you can attend just the panel discussion through the Carnegie Science Center, but I’m still waiting for this to be confirmed by their event coordinator.  As soon as I get more info, I’ll let you know.

Finally, you are a writer and and are also interested in their additional workshops, readings and panels you can find out more information about the events and various package options they have here.  They are very accommodating – you can also email me if you have questions at

Finally, here is a video clip I got from Brandon where Krauss speaks about why anti-science politics is bad for America.

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2 Responses to Lawrence Krauss to Speak at Science Center Oct 3rd!

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  2. Brandon says:

    I bought my tickets yesterday.

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