Of sardines and deep fried cheeseburgers


A deep fried cheeseburger. Or proof there could not be a loving god?

At our pre-meeting dinner gathering at Bettis Grille, Brandon was the only one who braved the deep fried cheeseburger. Although, rumor has it BillH has successfully taken on one of their deep fried meatloaf sandwiches in the past. We, as skeptics of course, require proof. Research grants may or may not be available for proposals delving into the subject of which deep fried monstrosity is more extreme*.

After our table of nine completely failed to finish the Tower of Carrot Cake (for two) we headed over to the Carnegie Science Center to meet up with the rest of the crew for a private showing of their IMAX film “Wild Ocean”. I am not sure if I can recommend allowing your entire field of vision to be filled with an undersea mass of undulating sardines being attacked from all directions by dolphins and dive-bombing birds on a full stomach. If the action scenes don’t make your tum flop, gorgeous swooping aerial shots of waves crashing over rocky shores just might.  You should see it, and you should see it before dinner, but probably not if you’re planning to go out for seafood.

Questions I have after watching this documentary on the importance of maintaining the oceans’ biodiversity that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual subject:

  1. When did sharks become prettier than dolphins or is thinking dolphins are adorable something you grow out of? Does this mean I’m old?
  2. Is it totally badass to surf in the part of the world where the greatest number of shark species are waiting for the cold front to refill their favorite all-you-can-eat buffet or just nuts?
  3. Aren’t you glad there isn’t a deep fried sardines appetizer on the Bettis Grille menu?

Following the movie we discussed some upcoming events that will be composed in a more serious post once details are finalized. There was also some discussion about science education, and those who weren’t off marveling at the most inaccessible accessible restroom I’ve ever seen while this part of the conversation happened are invited to write about it. (Hint.) 

* And by “may or may not” I mean “aren’t but should be”.

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1 Response to Of sardines and deep fried cheeseburgers

  1. mikhailovich says:

    The best part of the film was that it constantly referred to moving shoals of sardines (e.g., “the Sardines move out into colder waters”), which I had previously viewed only as an inert, pre-packaged product.

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