Oh look – Forums!

You might’ve noticed the menu at the top of the page growing over the last week. I added an archive for tags that displays them in cloud form. (The larger the font, the more we’re written about that topic. I’m interested to see how this cloud will grow.) And today I finally added the forums. Give ’em a try?

One thing I like about them is that they have rss feeds, so you can track discussions in your feed reader of choice.I thought forums might be handy for people who want to share something but don’t feel it needs a post of it’s own. I don’t always have time to write a detailed post, but I find things I want to pass along all the time.

Things I hope to see there:

  • an awesome joke thread
  • new suggestions for bars for Drinking Skeptically
  • links to your blogs and all manner of social networking link exchanges
  • book exchanges!
  • topic requests
  • exciting new SCS meme developments (the evolution of in-jokes!)
  • event carpooling hookups!

What about you?

Head over and introduce yourself!

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1 Response to Oh look – Forums!

  1. Laura says:

    They look great Eliza. You’ve done a really awesome job with this site in general. I like the cloud too!

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