Friday Entertainment

Happy Friday! I’m leaving this afternoon for a long weekend out east, but I wanted to post a few things to enjoy before I hit the road.

  1. I’m sure you’ve all heard about Religulous by now. If not, watch the trailer. It’s not going to be a work of art, but it should be funny–even if you don’t particularly like Bill Maher. It comes out on October 3rd. Anyone interested in getting a Pittsburgh group together to see it?

  2. I read a lot of Christian apologetics, theology, and evangelism materials. I know, call me a glutton for punishment. I’m planning on posting certain bits up here from time to time for review and comment, but this week I’ll start with something that’s just ridiculous…or, um, religulous. It’s from the collected sermons of early twentieth century evangelist and Bible teacher E. W. Kenyon, and it represents so much of what I disagree with in the religious mindset.

    The world has become doubt minded. In the higher realms of education it is a mark of scholarship to put an interrogation point after, every sentence and to challenge all the old landmarks. It is an unhealthy mental condition because questions are a sign of weakness. Doubt has never been a sign of strength. It isn’t doubting something, but it is believing something, that makes men strong. Doubts always bring unhealthy reactions. Faith always has healthy reactions. Blessed is the man who becomes Faith minded toward God; Faith minded toward the Bible and who reaches the place where doubt is unwanted and he shrinks from it with fear.

    I won’t even bother explaining why I think this is wrong (isn’t it obvious? isn’t it?), but I’ll at least say that Kenyon has fallen into the first fallacy of Pascal’s Wager when it comes to faith.

  3. Friendly Atheist recently posted about this. He describes it as one of the most disturbing things he’s ever seen, and I’d tend to agree. Cheers!

Illustrated Stories from the Bible

Illustrated Stories from the Bible

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4 Responses to Friday Entertainment

  1. Anad says:

    I plan of seeing it at some point. Seeing it as a group would be nice.

    Bible teacher E. W. Kenyon? There are so many things wrong with his “Teachings” it would take more time then I have right now to list them all.

    In my life, I’ve found very few “Bible Teachers” that actually knew much about the Christian Bible and its history.

    Laura nails it on “Faith” issue.

    faith |f??|
    1 complete trust or confidence in someone or something : this restores one’s faith in politicians.
    2 strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.
    • a system of religious belief : the Christian faith.
    • a strongly held belief or theory : the faith that life will expand until it fills the universe.

    On Illustrated Bible Stories, I’ll have to get a copy as it sounds like too much fun. Granted I won’t be sharing it with my children right now. But it is something I’ve tried to communicate with my own Mother. The outlandishness and violence of Bible stories she claims to read “everyday” in her “daily devotions”. Yet, she glazes over at any mention of these types of story verses.

  2. Brandon says:

    I’ll see it too. Doesn’t have to be opening weekend.

  3. mikhailovich says:

    I’m actually going to be in Philly the weekend of Oct 3rd as well. Do you want to try and schedule a group to see the film sometime the following week or weekend?

    As for faith…I realize that different people define it differently, but surely faith by itself isn’t a good thing. I could believe in the most absurd bullshit, but I’d still be lauded for having a lot of faith? Come on. At some point even these faith apologists have to admit that it has to be based in something reasonable in order to count (that’s why they don’t praise the faith showed by followers of other religions), and then we’re back to the issue of evidence….

  4. Laura says:

    I wish I could attend that weekend but I’ll be camping all weekend. But we should still make it an official event of the Steel City Skeptics perhaps?

    I had a conversation about faith with my friend this morning on IM. She said she heard a politician recently refer to faith and how it spurs action (paraphrasing). She said it was her new mantra and I said I was happy for her, but I definitely disagree. I think that faith spurs INaction and gives people a false sense of hope. The concept of “faith” IMO simply serves as a way to get rid of people’s natural curiosities and keep us in a state of passive acceptance of life rather than taking control of what we can and not settling for the unjust.

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