Secular Parenting

Several of our readers/contributors are parents, so I thought I’d point out the First Annual Parenting Beyond Belief Column Competition, from Dale McGowan, auther of the book Parenting Beyond Belief. His blog, The Meming of Life, is a terrific read and I’ve added it to our links list.

You are, of course, also welcome to share your experience as a secular family with us as well!

What is “parenting beyond belief” like in Pittsburgh?

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2 Responses to Secular Parenting

  1. Anad says:

    I wanted to get something posted here before this thread gets too old. :)

    Parenting Beyond Belief is a great book for Secular Parenting.

    My oldest son age 8 has already had discussions with his classmates about the lack of evidence in any gods or paranormal. This was after several of them made statements like, “Everyone has to believe in God!”. Elementary School in itself is an interesting experience, but Social Politics starts at these ages. We have tried to explain to both our sons the need for diplomacy with friends.

    It is a interesting situation as we need to be able to work with other parents in the school system and need to choose our words carefully.

  2. mikhailovich says:

    I’m certainly not a parent, but I’ve heard good things about If anyone reading this is an atheist parent, I’d love to hear from you about your unique experiences and dilemmas….

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