Café Scientifique Pittsburgh is back!

After a break for the summer, Café Scientifique Pittsburgh is now back with a new meetup schedule for September.  Café Scientifique hosts gatherings (not quite sure if they are monthly yet) where regular folks like ourselves can get a chance to talk to an expert in a scientific field in plain, everyday English.  They start with a lecture, but for the most part the meetings are rather conversational and always informative and interesting. I certainly know that a lot of Pittsburgh’s skeptics would enjoy this event so I hope you can make it out.  This would also be the perfect place to invite a friend to come along and get others excited about science.

There website has not been updated with this new information so unless you are on their mailing list (like me!) this is the most recent info from the email I got in my inbox this morning.  Many thanks to Tim Palucka and Angela Stabryla for organizing such a great event. Hope to see you there!

Topic: Twentieth Century Physics Decade By Decade
Speaker: Dr. Fred Bortz, formerly of Carnegie Mellon, author of many science books for children and adults
When: Monday, September 8, 2008, at 7:00 PM at the Penn Brewery

Dr. Fred Bortz, author of Physics: Decade by Decade, will talk to us about a few of the many surprises that twentieth century physics had in store for physicists who thought that most of the important questions had been answered. They fully expected to spend their careers refining theories and making more precise and accurate measurements of universal constants, but thankfully they were wrong. As Dr. Bortz writes: “Instead of tying up a few loose ends, physicists pulled on a few snags and watched the entire theoretical fabric of physics unravel. It would take most of the new century to reweave it.”

Please join us for a rousing look at revolutions past, which may just shed some light on revolutions future! We’ll be giving away a few of the speaker’s books, and will have others for sale. As always, there will be fine food and beer to accompany the talk, and a lot of friendly, interesting people to talk to.

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1 Response to Café Scientifique Pittsburgh is back!

  1. Eliza says:

    YES! Just when I was feeling down about the end of summer!

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